Virgin Mixed Bed Resin

  • RO Polishing

  • Demin water polishing

  • Glass cleaning

  • High quality general purpose applications

Nuclear Grade Resin

  • Primary polishing for nuclear applications

  • Clean up systems for nuclear applications

Ultra High Purity Resin

  • Electronics industry

  • Very high quality water applications

Activated Carbon

  • Dechlorinisation

  • Ozone Removal

  • Removal of taste

  • Removal of odour

  • Elimination of dissolved pollutants

Bone Charcoal

  • Removal of colour from peaty water

  • Removal of heavy metals

  • Electro plating effluent treatment

  • Fluoride removal

Water Softener Resin

  • Magnesium removal

  • Calcium removal

  • Hardness removal

  • Scale forming mineral removal