Ion Exchange Resin Vessel Refiling and Exchange Service

NRB Electrical is able to offer a wide range of exchange cylinders to suit the needs of each individual client. These cylinders are able to remove trace contaminants and improve the water quality of deionised or reverse osmosis permeate water.

NRB’s cylinders are suitable for a variety of markets such as:

  • Industrial

  • Food and Beverage

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences


The NRB Range

NRB is able to offer a range of media such as:

  • MB – Virgin Mixed Bed Resin

  • NMB – Nuclear Grade Resin

  • VHP – Ultra High Purity Resin

  • ARC – Activated Carbon

  • BC – Bone Charcoal

  • SCE – Water Softener Resin